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Last but not least here is my blog post: The excitement was getting bigger when we arrived at the Heathrow airport on the 3rd of January! We had to get a ticket for the tube but nobody was really sure which kind of ticket. Even though they have 9 different Zones and we just have A, B and C. … Well we made it and after a couple hours we were at our Hotel which we booked for the few days. But that wasn’t enough so we had to book a holiday apartment for one more week (but only four of us moved in) because until then we didn’t find any apartment or place to live. The preparation week had a lot of up’s and down’s regarding the viewings appointments for apartments. A lot of them were really dirty and a lot of them were just not affordable. I was looking for a flat in like Zone 1 or 2 and I didn’t want to share an apartment. But people guess how I ended up?! Exactly, I ended up living in a shared house with 4 other girls and my landlady’s family in Zone 4. How exciting! … My landlady lives with her husband and her children downstairs on the ground floor. Veneranda from Italy, Holly from Norfolk (England) and Vanessa, my colleague from Deutsche Telekom are living on the first floor. A new tentant from Greece and I are living on the second floor. We have two bathrooms but sometimes I think it’s not enough :D. And I am afraid we don’t have a living room so that’s why it’s mostly very crowded in the kitchen. Sometimes we have some isuess with the heating, hot water and the WiFi which really annoys me a lot, especially when I don’t have hot water in the morning! I have never lived in a shared house before so I need to get to used to it. It has a lot of advantages but also some disadvantages! But it is actually not that bad . So we spent the entire preparation week with looking for apartments even though it was planed a bit different. I am doing my internship at OISE London. It is pretty much in the center of London(between Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road) and it takes me like 45 minutes to get there (incl. walking), so it’s not too bad. The ride with the tube is every time a new adventure! I totally like the cuddling in the rush hour NOT :D. And I don’t wanna imagine how it will be when it’s summer ..but that is another story! Hehe. But seriously people push each other so that the doors can close, that is absolutely crazy :D. I’ve never seen something like this in Berlin before! I have to admit that I don’t remember everything from my first day at OISE because I was too excited and nervous :D. But I really enjoy working at OISE. My colleagues are very nice and friendly. Some of my tasks are creating the personal timetables for every student, creating Welcome Bags for every arriving student on Monday, taking care of the students, as well of the building, checking if there are any taxi transfers and creating class register for the teacher and every class. And of course some other administration work - Don’t wanna list every single task I do . The teachers are also very nice. Everytime we have lunch together they call it “lunch club” which sounds really cute I think . Well there is not much more to say about my work. Only that the building is really modern and looks gorgous!!! The weather isn’t that bad as I expected it. Very often it is sunny but still cold though. But I am really looking forward to the spring! My Dad already visited me, which was a fantastic time. We did some sightseeing which was really cool. We went to the Tower Bridge, visited the Tower of London (recommended!!), went on the London Eye at night and saw the Big Ben. And then we ordered some GREAT Indian food, which was really delicious! The time went by so fast – unbelievable! So the weekend is over now and the new week is starting . Best wishes, Jenny Kleine Zusammenfassung in Deutsch: Wir hatten eine aufregende Zeit beim U- Bahnticket kaufen an unserem ersten Tag in London. Allein schon die ganzen Zonen (1-9) sind erstaunlich! Nach viel Hin und Her haben wir es zum Hotel geschafft, welches wir fuer die erste Woche gebucht hatten. Danach sind vier von uns in eine Ferienwohnung gezogen. Die Vorbereitungswoche war anders als erwarte. Die Wohnungen, die wir uns angeschaut hatten, waren nicht besonders sauber und auch nicht bezahlbar! Ich wollte eine Wohnung in Zone 1 bis 2 und auf keinen Fall in eine WG ziehen! Wo bin ich gelandet?! Natuerlich in einer WG mit vier weiteren Maedels und meiner Vermieterin und ihre Familie, in Zone 4! Ich lebe mit Veneranda aus Italien, Holly aus Norfolk (England), Vanessa, meiner Kollegin von Deutsche Telekom und einer Griechen zusammen. Ausserdem wohnt die Vermietering ganz unten im Haus. Manchmal ist es ziemlich eng, da wir (die Untermieter) leider kein Wohnzimmer haben und uns oft in der Küche treffen. Mein Praktikum mache ich bei OISE London, aber leider kann ich mich nicht mehr an alles was an meinem ersten Tag passiert ist erinnern, da ich so aufgeregt war :D. Meine Kollegen sind sehr nett und freundlich. Zu meinen Aufgaben gehört, dass ich die Stundenplaene entwerfe, die Welcome Bags fuer die neuen Studenten zusammenstelle, mich um die Studenten, sowie um das Gebaeude kuemmere und ein paar andere Sekretariatsaufgaben. Das Wetter ist soweit ganz gut, nicht wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe. Ich bekam Besuch von meinem Dad und wir haben die Stadt ein wenig erkundet. Wir sind zur London Bridge, Tower of London (empfehlenswert!), auf das London Eye (bei Nacht) und natuerlich zum Big Ben. Nun ist das Wochenende wieder vorbei und die neue Woche beginnt . Ganz liebe Gruesse, Jenny
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