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hey there, the weeks go by so fast and I am doing really good! Everything is fine at work. One of my colleagues left a couple weeks ago but at the beginning of April we've got a new one. He is from Spain and moved to London a year ago - he is very nice. Since my other colleague left, I got most of her tasks and now I am quite busier which I really like . On Friday the lift at work broke down. It was because of a stupid mistake. The cleaners left the hoover out on the ground and the plug thing was still in the lift. So somebody pressed the buttton on the third floor and the hoover was "hanging around" :D. Now the doors will not open anymore. We do not have that many students at the moment but it will be busier in a few weeks they said. It was so nice; I got the Friday and the Monday off, because of Easter. My Godmother and her daughter visited me also over Easter. I enjoyed it a lot to be honest! We went shopping, did some sightseeing of course like Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Eye, Piccadilly Circus,Buckingham Palace and so on ... I also went to a boat race with Susi and Nico a day after my godmother left. The race was between Oxford and Cambridge. It was pretty good, though it was really cold. We also had dinner at a cute Diner in Camden Town. Goood food I can say . So I really enjoyed Easter in London - I had a great time!! My Mom will come next week and I am really looking forward to it and can hardly wait to be honest . A couple days ago I went to a gig of my flat mate Holly. She is a really good singer. Afterwards we went a little bit shopping, bought a lot of junk food and watched some movies. Had a great time! Holly is going to move out at the end of the months so there will be a new tenant. The last girl who moved it was the greek girl. But all of my flat mates are nice and friendly. But we will see who is going to move it next.. The weather is quite bad actually. It is grey, cold and just not comfortable! It was even snowing the other day - unbelievable and guess what people, I was wearing ballerina shoes on that day! So I am really hoping that it will get better. I still have to get used to the "tube cuddle thing" I guess. Because sometimes it is really crowed and I hate that!!! And it takes ages to get somewhere - well that"s how it feels :D. But that's how it is. Best wishes, Jenny
7.4.13 22:09


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